Optimise Your DDI Services

We help IT Teams secure and simplify their DNS-DHCP-IPAM (DDI) services, solving key challenges in Security, Resiliency, and Administration


We Help You…

Enhance Security: Protect your DNS, DHCP, and IPAM systems from threats and increase uptime

Boost Resiliency: Ensure your DDI services perform reliably under high loads and during failures

Simplify Administration: Streamline DNS/DHCP configurations and automate IP address management

Improve Visibility: Gain comprehensive insights into your infrastructure for better management

Seamlessly Integrate: Integrate and Automate DDI with your key platforms


We Offer…

Audit: Evaluate your current DDI infrastructure to identify strengths, risks and areas for improvement

Design: Create a tailored DDI architecture that meets your organisation’s specific needs and future growth

Install: Deploy a DDI solution to manage and consolidate service silos, delivering seamless integration

Migrate: Transition your DDI services to new platforms with minimal disruption and zero data loss

Train: Provide comprehensive training to your IT team to ensure proficient management of DDI services

Support: Ongoing support to fix issues and maintain optimal performance of your DDI infrastructure

Upgrade: Keep your DDI systems up-to-date with the latest features and security enhancements

Secure: Implement advanced DNS security to protect against threats and prevent data breaches


Strengthening Your DDI

With over 24 years of experience, I specialise in helping companies of all sizes achieve reliable and secure DNS and DHCP services.

I have extensive expertise with leading commercial DDI products such as Infoblox, BlueCat, Efficient IP, VitalQIP, and Microsoft DNS-DHCP, along with DNS cloud services, open source solutions and Internet authoritative and recursive platforms.

Without DDI expertise, organisations struggle with security risks, inconsistent uptime, and poor user experiences for both employees and customers.

I provide the specialised expertise to address these critical issues, bridging the knowledge gap and enhancing your DDI infrastructure.

By doing DDI right, you’ll achieve enhanced security, reliable performance and robust network services.

“As a multinational software business that’s grown through expansion and acquisition, our DNS, DHCP & IPAM services had ended up siloed, complex to manage and not fit for purpose. We had various teams using different platforms and tools to manage and deliver DNS, DHCP & IPAM – introducing several operational challenges.

Problems included complex administration, overlapping zones, and inconsistent security & service resiliency.

We engaged Kier as a DNS, DHCP & IPAM subject matter expert for the integration of another acquisition, and to also perform a company-wide strategic review on how to align DNS, DHCP & IPAM services to our established architecture principles.

Kier produced a comprehensive architecture, strategy and clear implementation path which was subsequently approved by the management team.

Kier then played a crucial role in supervising the implementation of the plan, with this complex project delivered expertly and on time despite some challenges. This was a great achievement as many other inflight projects did not complete to budget or time during the larger overall program.

The result is a centralised and simplified DNS, DHCP & IPAM service. A resilient design improves business continuity, and we now have visibility and control of DDI to help protect the business from the constant security challenges.
DDI is now one less headache for me – if it’s a pain for you I’ll urge you to call Kier!”

- Paul, Senior Architect.