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Don’t just stop security attacks. Use them to make your company even stronger.

I’m a DNS consultant for SaaS, FinTech, and B2B companies who offers DNS security alongside personalised support and implementation.

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You have a lot to protect

Without high-performing DNS security, you leave your company vulnerable to attack. Intellectual property, customer data, company money, company time, competitive advantage, and brand reputation are all at risk. With the average cost of a data breach at seven figures, the stakes are high.

The number of affected companies is growing (in 2018, 45% of companies reported a cyber incident, but in 2019, 61% did the same). While you know it’s time to innovate your security, you’re mostly concerned about the process and aren’t sure where to turn.

If you’re like most security and product leaders, you’re facing…

Uncertainty around successful implementation

Inability to track attacks to shore up security

Lack of expert, personalised support you trust

Wavering in decision making that keeps you vulnerable


Get world-class DNS security with plenty of help

To truly protect your organisation, you need the perfect combination of software-based DNS security and human touch.

From working with organisations both large and small over the past 20 years in an in-house capacity and as a consultant, I’ve narrowed down what SaaS and B2B companies need to protect their code and customer data.

When you partner with me, you get expert rollout of DNS security, long term support, and upskilling so your IT team can turn breach attempts into action plans.

Consultative implementation and support of top-rated DNS security product

Produce streamlined, integrated management of DNS, DHCP and IPAM environments

Secures all devices (including IoT)

Block sites on all devices without slowing down your network

Containerised and API-driven DNS

Cloud-hosted threat filtering service

100% uptime

Off-network protection for roaming clients

Full visibility into DNS traffic with incident detection

What you get inside of DDI Domainions

Live answers to your questions, DDI community, training you can’t get anywhere else


Getting your DNS product deployed correctly


Configuring the DNS to achieve what you want

Data Utilisation

Understanding how to transform incidents into security to-dos

Security Tracking

Reporting on incidents and attempts across the network

Team Training

Training your IT team through every stage and step

Hands-on Support

Personalised help with any DNS issue, question, or concern

Ways to work together

DNS Security + Hands-on Consulting

Protection with personalised decision-making, training, and support

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DNS Security + Group Coaching

Protection with group calls and online training for your team

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“I delivered an Infoblox DDI (DNS, DHCP, IPAM) unified service project at a multinational software business, where Kier was one of the lead architects. Kier’s diligence, expertise and approachability were second to none. From providing technical recommendations to stakeholders, to playing a key role in implementing the chosen solution, Kier played a significant part in ensuring the project was delivered on time and to budget.”
– Mike Bayly, IT Project Manager

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kier on a complex DNS, DHCP & IPAM migration for a massive enterprise with multiple locations around the globe. What impressed was Kier’s ability to analyze and understand the broader impact of change, and also handle tough situations with calmness and clarity. He does an exceptional job of thinking outside the box – when customers had problems that couldn’t be solved with a canned technical solution, Kier developed tools to meet the business need.”
– Randy Clay, Sales Engineer at LogicMonitor